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Schiek Weighlifting Belts


Schiek Wrist Wraps

"I've been using the one pair of Schiek wrist wraps for my whole weightlifting career. Sturdy and durable, they provide awesome support for your wrists." — Kiana Elliott — Junior World Weightlifting Championships Silver and Bronze Medallist 2016. Snapshot from the warm up room preceding that performance.

Schiek Sports put all its oars in the water in March of 1991 and set out to market the finest Belt the world had yet known. Schiek Sports has maintained that same passion, integrity, credibility, and customer service ever since. Today Schiek products are sold in over 85 countries worldwide. Most Schiek products are made in the USA and all of them have been born from customer and dealer requests. Schiek Sports offers products that our customers want and are asking us for! We are grateful to each and every customer that chooses to use a Schiek product!